Pink Is Everything! The Healing Power of Color

June 9, 2015
Pink is Everything! The Healing Power of Color

Detail of “Pink Is Everything

One afternoon last January while meditating, I heard/saw the words “Pink is Everything!” Exclamation point and all. Whatever did it mean? At first, I took it literally, as we humans often do. Pink? I was never a pink kind of girl. Or woman. Never particularly liked the color.

But wait a minute. The last couple of years I’ve noticed myself bringing this color into my life (muted, rich shades of it, of course – not Disney pink).

I have a favorite pink scarf that I frequently wear and I’m knitting one with (you guessed it!) pink yarn.

I moved to Jersey City last summer and had my bedroom painted PINK.

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health, Pink Wall
Coral Essence by Benjamin Moore

I went to buy a new rug and when I stepped out of the elevator, the most beautiful pink Persian rug (on sale!) was lying there just waiting for me.

I thought this was a new phenomenon, but I started to look around and saw that I’d used this color frequently in my art.

And my heart absolutely broke open when I would see pink flowers in bloom.

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health, Pink WallHmm.

When I began studying energy healing and the chakras, I started paying attention to the colors associated with each chakra.

I noticed that at different times in my life, going through different challenges, I would either be drawn to/or turned off by certain colors.

Being an artist, this always got my attention. I wondered why I’d have such a visceral reaction to certain colors.

I used to detest the color orange, which is the color associated with the second chakra. My whole life I had issues in this chakra and suddenly, when I started paying attention and healing it, I noticed orange becoming part of my palette.

Same with the color green (heart chakra). I can’t get enough of the color green these days – especially in nature (hence my recent trip to Scotland). I bought a green jacket before my trip. And a green suitcase with a matching green backpack.

My least favorite color is bright red, the color of the root chakra. One of these days perhaps I will surround myself in red and finally be able to say “I’m grounded”. Red was the favorite color of my partner, Ralph – one of the most grounded, rooted Kapha-types I’ve known. Like a tree trunk.

Interesting that pink is a combination of red (1st chakra) and white (7th chakra). The heart (4th) chakra is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras.

Who doesn’t think of the heart when they think of pink?

Like a dream that stays with us longer than usual or a wonderful synchronicity that appears, these messages are gems that can add meaning to our often mundane or challenging life here on earth.

I believe getting quiet is the best way to open up to them. You don’t need to be sitting in meditation, although that’s where some of the more profound (or at least interesting) messages have come to me.

They also come when I’m riding my bike, making art, dancing, or in the middle of a yoga pose, or even washing the dishes. Sitting under a tree. Rowing a boat. You get the picture. Whatever works for you.

Get quiet. Stay open. Receive. Reflect.

I became a little obsessed with this message. It floated in and out of my mind for days. It never went away. Months later it nudged me back to making art, and as I worked on a piece aptly titled “Pink Is Everything”, meaning began to take shape.

I looked in my notebook where I had jotted it down the day it happened and noticed the date was 1-11-2015. 111. 1+1+1+2+0+1+5 = 11. A numerologist would have a field day with all of these 1s. My knowledge is limited, but I do know that my life path number is 11/2. (If you’re curious what yours is, click here.)

Much of the meaning of my particular life path number rings true for me. Certainly in the way my life has evolved in the last decade.

Intuition is strong in an 11 life path. Intuition, and giving credence to signs and synchronicity has made my life so much easier to navigate and, dare I say, magical.

Pink is the secondary color of the heart chakra (after green).

Pink is a sign of hope.

It’s the color of unconditional love – for self and others.

It’s the Divine Feminine.

After my partner died I retreated and was okay with being alone. I’m an artist – we generally do alone really well.It’s been a four-year journey of really getting to know myself for the first time in my life. But all of these signs – I can’t help but wonder if it’s time to open my heart to another. I’m horrified to even see those words typed in front of me. And that I’m sharing the thought with you. I’m really a terribly private person and wonder constantly why the hell I write a blog.

I’m not a dater. I recently saw the film “I’ll See You in My Dreams” starring Blythe Danner. I could write a whole post on that movie. Phenomenal acting. Her reluctant dating made me shudder in horror.

Danner’s character was such a sad example of someone so stuck in grief that she’s given up on her own life having much meaning. I am eternally grateful that I was able to grieve and move forward from both my divorce (a death in itself) and my partner’s death.

I’m not really over-thinking how a relationship could occur without dating. I trust that the Universe will guide me to whatever is right for me NOW – and that very well may be to remain alone. I’m okay with that.

In the meantime, I would love to hear stories of messages/signs/synchronicities that have appeared in your life.

What colors do you love or hate, and can you relate them to your life?

Or do you think this is all just hooey?

Much love,

Barbara Sinclair Holistic Health, Pink Scarf


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  1. Great post, you creative woman! I prefer strong primary colors, vibrant deep cobalt blue or vivid red. These colors make ME feel strong! Thanks for your words, my dear.

    • So funny, Nancy! Those are my two least favorite colors! xoxo

  2. Joy

    Each colour has a different feel, a different vibration. I, like you, have changed my preferences and use of colours at different times. I still get drawn to bright coloured clothes and then don’t really want to wear them…makes me feel like a big disco ball…very loud and overly bright. I think I’ll pay more attention to pink after reading your wonderful blog. Thanks.

  3. Pink is one of my top favs!
    I’m currently wearing a lot of light blue.
    Three new blue dresses(thx value village)

  4. Lily

    Another lovely piece, Barbara, always such pleasure to read. Thank you.

    My favourite colour has been orange. I feel drawn to colour, in general, and away from lack of colour — black, gray. No specific colours, but often combinations that emphasize each colour, for example, deep blue and orange side by side, really wow me.

    So I almost never wear black. But I first noticed being drawn to colour when I was looking into taking art classes awhile ago. Many years ago I did portraits with charcoal pencils. I got pretty good and enjoyed them. However, years later, I had a clear sense that I didn’t want to go back to charcoal, but wanted to “add colour to my life”, so I went with acrylics instead. 🙂

    • Hi, Lily! I’ve had the exact same experience in my art world. Darker periods in my life would usually reflect upon my art – lots of black/white/grey. I still like it, but only in moderation, and usually combined with blasts of color now. 🙂 So interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. Barbara,
    Red! Fiery, propulsive, bold, outward-moving red has arisen in my life the last couple of years. Before that, I always drawn to blue, a much more subdued color, though it carries a lot of power in its own way. Red was actually a color I used to shy away from: it was just too much. Now I am in a period of expansion and unleashing and directing my energies out into the world, while being wholly rooted in myself. I now wear red (albeit with blue tones) and enjoy it. And I use it in my drawings.

    Thank you for sharing, Barabara. I always enjoy reading about your journey.

    • I love this, Megan! And I laughed when I read “albeit with blue tones”! I do love reds like claret, burgundy, etc. But bright red? Not yet. Maybe one day. Sounds like you are relishing this time in your life. So very happy for you! Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  6. Tori

    I hate hate hated pink as a child. My mum had made my entire room pink while she was pregnant with me, and I always felt very forced into girly pink-ness, so I rebelled and was a rampaging tomboy for most of my childhood. Painted my room black in high school, purple in college… I was always overweight as well, and believed that dark colors hid my flaws, but they really only managed to stifle my self. When I found colors again, feeling confident after some weight loss, I turned to greens and grays, groping for some freshness and to reconnect with nature after years of gloom.

    But when I moved to Japan, suddenly I couldn`t get enough of pink! It was so new for me to accept this color back into my life, but now I wear something pink almost every day (even if it`s just my knickers). Cerise, magenta, baby pink, fuchsia, rose, salmon, coral, crimson, burgundy… pink makes me blossom and thrive here.

    When I read this post and got to the part about how pink relates to the heart chakra, I felt a little place inside me nod along, “Ahhhhh. Gotcha.” I am bringing myself back to that little pink room in Wisconsin bit by bit.

    • Hi Tori! Everything in its own time…including colors and how they heal us, right? Even pink knickers! 🙂

  7. Anna

    What a great article, Barbara! My favorite colors have always been pink and green. Also, the heart chakra is my absolute favorite chakra. When I started to study chakras I wasn’t too surprised that pink and green are the colors associated with the heart chakra. 🙂 I believe in color psychology and the healing power of colors. I used to dislike color yellow (the color associated with the Solar Plexus chakra) but as I began to getto know what Solar Plexus really means, I started to like yellow. It is still not my favorite but I don’t dislike it anymore.

    • Barbara

      Thanks, Anna! It’s fascinating, isn’t it? I’m writing a book about it. I love goldenrod yellow – the color of my kitchen and living room.:) xo
      Barbara recently posted…I’ve Been Having a Bit of an Identity CrisisMy Profile

  8. Sarah Harvey

    I have been INCREDIBLY drawn to a kind of baby, girly pink, not HOT pink but just a light one, and salmon, and other variations of pink. It makes me feel… safe? Feminine? I’m not sure, but I’ve been shying away from bright colours lately.
    I feel the pink for me is more related to the sacral chakra. I never quite understood why it’s orange.

    • Barbara Sinclair

      Hi Sarah, It makes a lot of sense. Maybe we gravitate towards pink in an effort to connect more with the Divine Feminine. As far as orange/second chakra – I had issues in that part of my body for most of my life and always hated the color orange. It wasn’t until I started to heal those wounds that I noticed I’d started to like it! So fascinating, isn’t it? Thanks for reading/leaving a comment. 🙂
      Barbara Sinclair recently posted…What I Heard Three Years Ago TodayMy Profile

  9. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. I too am a Visionary Artist and Energy Healer. I have always loved pink – it is so soft yet strong presence. I love different hues of it mixed with a little warm orange or with a purple to give it a purplish hue. It seems many women have lost touch with pink in their aura. I do not see it often, but when I do I see it when women are doing something creative – not in their heads. Thanks for your thoughts. You might enjoy my artwork – it is about the Divine Femine. Joanne Healey, artist, and facebook the same.

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